"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

                     -NELSON MANDELA

UUOEF's Mission

The US-Uganda Orphans Education Fund is a global partnership between people in the United States and Uganda that aims to provide scholarships for the
secondary education of children in Uganda, who have been orphaned and are in financial need.


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The shield stands on a green mound, representing fertile land. Two main cash crops, coffee and cotton, flank the river. At the bottom is the national motto: "For God and My Country".

About Us

UUOEF is a 501c3 nonprofit tax-exempt public charity incorporated in North Carolina specifically to provide student aid to orphaned children in Uganda. The UUOEF works with the West Buganda Diocese of the Anglican Church in Uganda, East Africa to solicit student applications for educational funding from various secondary schools throughout West Buganda.

Applicants for sponsorship by UUOEF must be:
Financially needy
Scholastically capable of completing their education

As many children as there are available
funds will be awarded scholarships. Most of these students are at the first or second senior level with most being 14 to 16 years old. Their guardians or relatives have a difficult time providing day-to-day needs, much less educational support.


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